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Continuing Master Formation Course

What is the Continuous Master Formation course?

The Master Formación Contínua course is based on our APP Advanced Predictability Protocols methodology.

In addition, we will have the participation of invited professors who will share their clinical cases with us so that we can discuss them with our protocols.

What is the APP method?

It is a teaching methodology developed by the Institute with 18 years of clinical practice working with the Invisalign system. And we will have guest professors who will share their clinical cases with us so that we can discuss them with our protocols.


Our methodology is based on 3 pillars

You will learn about our Predictability Protocols, developed over 18 years of experience with the Invisalign System. They will optimize your results.

Protocolos - blue.png

1.  Directed anamnesis

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2. ClinCheck Protocols

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3. Clinical protocols

How the course works:

Weekly webinars (live)

Weekly Webinars: Thursday.

๏ Time: 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm (São Paulo - BR time).

๏ You will have access to a support system with a discussion forum to answer your questions throughout the course.


Marketing, pricing and clinical management issues will also be addressed.


What will you discover in the Master Formación Contínua Course?


07/06 - APP Concept

07/13 - Portfolio

07/20 - Local workshop and worldwide clinic

07/27 - Digital Flow

03/08 - Clinical preferences, special instructions

08/10 - Optimized Doc form (¿What is CDoc?)

08/17 - Attachments and IPR

08/24 - Complications and Solutions

09/01 - Finalization Protocol

09/08 - Contention

09/15 - SMR - Remote Monitoring System

09/22 - Clinical Cases

09/29 - Clinical Cases

10/06 - First Tools and Prescription

10/20 - First Clinical Cases

10/27 - First ClinCheck´sy Intercurrences 

03/11 - Smart forces and Align Protocols

10/11 - Basic ClinCheck Protocols

11/24 - Lab Tip's - Part 1

01/12 - Lab Tip's - Part 2

08/12 - Usted optimized!


Duration of the course

6 months

Beginning: 07/06/2022

End: 12/08/2022

Content available throughout the course


Invisalign First Classes

First virtual planning


10/06 - First Tools and Prescription

10/20 - First Clinical Cases

10/27 - First ClinCheck's and Intercurrences


Discussion of Clinical Cases

Opportunity to learn from different clinical situations addressed in case discussions.

Who we are

We are a team of Orthodontics teachers who fuse the Edgewise tradition with the innovative technology of Invisalign aligners


guest professors

Online Class 

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TESTIMONIOS formacion.png

Our purpose is to share with you all our experience and knowledge in a practical, simple and applicable way for your daily life.

"There is no more profitable investment than knowledge."


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Global Invisalign Gallery

Quality recognized nationally and internationally. We are the clinic with the highest number of cases in the world, published in the Global Invisalign Gallery.

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Students will be entitled to 6 CDocs included in the course, for each participant.


(CDoc - Consulting by ClinCheck, from the Rothier Institute)

Free 6 ClinCheck appointments for new cases (CDoc's). 

Access to the Basic to Advanced Invisalign course.


- Free pre-recorded course from Basic to Advanced course for 6 months. Equivalent to BRL 1,800.00 (+ - U$ 321.00 variation from 04/01/2022).


20% discount for student cases submitted during the course



BRL 6,800.00 

Payment by bank transfer or 12x by credit card  PayPal e  Hotmart

“This product is marketed with support from Hotmart. The platform does not make prior editorial control of the products sold, nor does it evaluate the technicality and experience of those who produce them. The existence of a product and its acquisition through the platform cannot be considered as a guarantee of quality of content and result, under any circumstances. When acquiring it, the buyer declares to be aware of this information. Hotmart's terms and policies can be accessed here, even before completing the purchase."

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