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With great joy we announce that we are returning to in-person activities!!

APP Master Course – from First to 100 Years

Classroom Course - 2 Days


(Former students and ABRALO Associates 10% discount)


1st day


APP Concept (Advanced Predictability Protocols)

- Local Office Global Clinic

- Marketing and Pricing

- Digital Flow

- Anamnesis focused on Invisalign

- Attachments and IPR

- Intercurrences with Invisalign

- Monitoring System 

- Remote - SMR 

- Tips for optimizing a good finish

- Containment

- Invisalign from First to 100.

2nd day


- Special instructions – basics of a good CC 

- Assertive Prescription 

- Communication with the Technician

- Smart Forces and Smart Staging

- Basic ClinCheck Protocols

- Optimized ClinCheck 

- Optimizing your conventional attachment 

- You Optimized!!


PS: on the second day we will have practice and students will need to bring their leptop.

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